Guidlines for Visitors

during Covid-19


Below you shall find a list of steps that we have teken to ensure visitor & employee safety during the pandemic. Please read through carefully so that you will have a clear understanding of what to

expect when you visit.

  • We are asking that all visitors book prior to arrival (even just for drinks.)
  • Booking is also required for our patio/garden area
  • Separate doors will be used to Enter & Exit the premises.
  • Hand sanitisers are provided throughout the premises. Please use on arrival.
  • A member of staff wearing PPE shall greet & take you immediately to your table, where we ask that you stay for the duration other than to use the toilet facilities.
  • Tables are placed with a 2 meter distance and in areas where this is not possible and we have gone to 1 meter  & have made mitigations such as back to back facing and side to back.
  • Please do not move tables or chairs without approval of a member of staff.
  • We will try and ensure that through your stay only one member of staff will visit your table and for as short as times as possible. 
  • Full table service will be provided please do not approach the bar area.
  • Staff will sanitise their hands before and after attending your table.
  • All contact areas & equipment will be regularly disinfected by our staff.
  • Paper menus will be handed out & disposed of immediatly after use. You may also like to download our PDF menus from our website.
  • Our toilets are a pinch point area so we ask that you take care & be mindfull of others when going to use the facilities.
  • All Children must be supervised at all times especially when using the facilites.
  • Dogs in our bar area must be kept on a lead & out of walk ways for safety.
  • We are accepting all types of payment including cash.

All of our Proceedures are in line with current Covid-19 regulations issued for pubs & restaurants. If you require any further information on our procedures please do not hesitate to ask.